New castle—in progress (finally!)

Well, I finally rousted myself out of a second dark ages and started building again. Funny how an international move from Los Angeles to London, a wedding, a new job, and a newfound passion for cycling can wreak havoc on ones Lego hobby. I have to give credit to the folks at and their Colossal Castle Contest for providing the impetus for my return to building, even though I did not make the submission deadline (not by a long shot as you can see from the images)!

Construction of this MOC began in November 2008. The MOC will feature extensive landscaping, and can split into 2 sections to reveal a detailed castle interior. I’ll be posting more images as the work progresses. Click the images above for the full image set.

LEGO Architecture

The following LEGO project is a joint venture between The LEGO Group and Brickstructures Inc, an initiative born of the adult Lego community. The result of this collaboration is LEGO Architecture, a series of sets depicting architectural landmarks. So far, there are 2 sets released—based on The Sears Tower and The John Hancock Center, both in Chicago. The most important question is—are these sets to scale with each other? Hopefully we’ll be seeing more sets soon, and a mix of different architectural styles. Bring on the modernism!


’20 Eventi’ by Jan Vormann

This concept from Bocchignano, Italy is by a group of artists working on an art project entitled “20 Eventi.” The project involved using ‘plastic construction pieces’ to create colorful interventions in crumbling village stonework, and documenting the results. The visual impact of these interventions is striking—the stonework appears to be infected with a bright, alien plastic virus. As seen on the web site of an artist living in St. Petersburg named Jan Vormann.

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